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Free Business Health Check

Childcare Management SupportBusiness sustainability, in essence, means the ability to continue.  In relation to a childcare setting this would imply being able to continue delivering a service in a viable and quality orientated manner.

The Business Health check and report will support you to identify your effectiveness against the primary indicators of sustainability including:

It also considers two management systems that are essential for the management of a childcare setting including: occupancy monitoring and financial management.

Reasons to use the Business Health Check:

 Training and Business Development

Training and Business DevelopmentChildcare Management Company provides advice, support and tools to help you improve your service and Care Inspectorate Grades. We want to provide you and your employees with the tools to be the best at what you do. We want your childcare facility to be the best there is. These tools are seen as complementary and/or supplementary to existing quality improvement processes and systems to support and highlight evidence of self -evaluation.  

Quality Improvement Audit

At Childcare Management Company we can support you to audit, implement and promote quality practice within your setting. We can help you Identify your current performance level in relation to meeting the statutory requirements of the National Care Standards, Curriculum for Excellence and Pre-birth to three. From this, we can work with you to form an action plan for improvement which meets the needs of your setting.

The quality improvement audit can support you to do the following:

Reasons to use the audit