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A Career in Childcare, For You? Posted on by childcaremanagement

In the past I have often heard childcare described as glorified baby-sitting…..halt that thought!  Childcare always was a well respected career, but it is now thankfully a recognised career path for people of all ages.

Thanks to moves from the Scottish Government and agencies like the Scottish Social Services Council, people can now embark on a career in childcare where there are clear routes for progression should the wish.

Having worked in primary teaching and early education for 15 years, during this time, I have witnessed many changes, but there are fundamentals that remain…..

To work in childcare the first thing you need is a passion for working with children.  This is a must!

Many of us know that childcare is not always the most well-paid profession, but it provides endless opportunities for personal reward.  We should not shy away from the fact that childcare is a demanding career with sometimes long hours and long days, however with this in mind, if you have the passion, then the devotion to the job can be repaid time and time again by the little things that children do.

A smile, a first word, a first step, a wave, a song, a story…can turn a long day into a very worthwhile day, infact every day working in childcare brings about successes and achievements (not just for children, but for you too).

So…..if childcare is for you….what are we at Childcare Management Company looking for in you?

Passion, its a given.

First impressions – the key to success, the key to gaining employment, the key to self-respect.  When you come to meet us, think about first impression in your communication, your personal appearance, your time-keeping, in your everything.

Preparation – always be prepared.  To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail.

Confidence – Curriculum for Excellence searches out Confident Individuals, let that be you.  Stand out from the crowd.  Be happy!

If you are interested in a career in childcare, then contact Childcare Management Company today, let us be your gateway into a successful and lifelong career working with Scotland’s children.  You can make all the difference to future generations!